FAQ: How Much Is An Apartment In Seattle?

How much money do you need to live in Seattle?

Recommended Salary in Seattle The recommended household income for a two-bedroom apartment is $120,600 per year. The “ living wage,” or the minimum amount of money needed to live above the poverty threshold, in Seattle is $18.56 per hour for a full-time employed individual.

Is Seattle expensive to rent?

The cost of living in Seattle With the average rent sitting just less than $2,500, many aspects of living in Seattle are also higher. However, for these elevated costs, you do get to live in one of the West Coast’s most bustling, cosmopolitan cities.

How much is housing in Seattle?

Seattle cost of living is 172.3

COST OF LIVING Seattle Washington
Housing 309 164.9
Median Home Cost $714,400 $381,300
Utilities 68.8 74
Transportation 137.5 113.6

How do I find cheap apartments in Seattle?

Seattle also has a number of cheaper housing options available if you qualify. The best place to look for those is Aptfinder.org, a non-profit website to help low -income households find both subsidized and unsubsidized apartments across the state.

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Is 80K a good salary in Seattle?

80k USD is about the median income in the city, though median wages and costs have been rising *very* quickly the past several years. I’d recommend using a cost of living tool to get a sense of if you can expect a rising or declining lifestyle compared to your current income and location.

Is 130k a good salary in Seattle?

130k is a good income, if you don’t have daycare costs or a lot of consumer debt or student loans. I agree with Gardyloo re the 1800.00/mo scenario. Kirkland can be rather expensive. Unless you have several kids or a lot of other debt, you should be just fine on that income in Seattle or Kirkland.

Is 120k a good salary in Seattle?

120k -180k salaries are pretty middle class in Seattle.

What is a good salary in Seattle 2020?

A person working in Seattle typically earns around 100,000 USD per year. Salaries range from 25,300 USD (lowest average ) to 447,000 USD (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average yearly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Is 200K a good salary in Seattle?

You’ll have disposable income. The median family income in Seattle is about $80K. On $200K you’ll live as well as the average family, plus have $6,000 extra in spending money after taxes each month. You’ll be fine.

Is Seattle cheap to live?

Is it expensive to live in Seattle? The answer depends on where you’re coming from. Compared to San Francisco, Los Angeles, or the Manhattan borough of New York, Seattle is an affordable city — even a relief for your wallet! Seattle will be pretty pricey, especially in the housing department.

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Is 90k a good salary in Seattle?

$90k is below the median income in Seattle. If you think that’s “extremely high “, you need to check your outdated perceptions at the door. This person does not need a roommate.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Seattle 2020?

Your ability to “ comfortably ” afford housing, transportation, health care, groceries, utilities, transportation and more cost-of- living expenses now has a yearly dollar figure attached to it if you want to live in Seattle. A study by GOBankingRates.com puts the number at $72,092.

What city has the cheapest rent in Washington?

Spokane, Washington The cost of living in Spokane is 18.5% below the average for Washington State. The housing options are very affordable. The median rent charged for a one-bedroom apartment averages $657 per month, which is among the lowest in the state.

Where is the cheapest rent in Washington state?

Here are 9 of the cheapest places to live in Washington where you can indulge in nature, culture, and really cheap rent.

  • Auburn. Head slightly south of Seattle and east of Tacoma to get to Auburn, a gateway to the two big metropolitan areas in Washington.
  • Bothell.
  • Lakewood.
  • Redmond.
  • Quincy.
  • Richland.
  • Tacoma.

What is the best way to find an apartment in Seattle?

Tip 3: Use listings sites to find apartments in Seattle, and get in touch with property managers.

  1. Trulia.
  2. Zillow.
  3. Padmapper.
  4. Craigslist.
  5. ApartmentFinder.
  6. Apartments.com.

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