FAQ: How To Find An Apartment In Atlanta?

How do I find an apartment in Atlanta?

10 Resources for Apartment Hunting That Aren’t Craigslist?

  1. Promove: Promove is a popular service that basically takes the legwork out of your apartment hunt.
  2. Real estate agents: They’re not only in the business of property for sale.
  3. Boots on the ground:
  4. Community boards:
  5. Local rags:
  6. Facebook:
  7. ForRent.com:
  8. Zillow.com:

What is the best apartment search site?

We spent some time sorting through the best sites so you know where to look.

  • Trulia. A clean, clear website that helps those looking to buy, sell, or rent homes all over the nation.
  • Zillow.
  • StreetEasy.
  • Craigslist.
  • Dixon Leasing.

Where are the cheapest apartments in Atlanta?

  • Intown Lofts, LLC. 170 Northside Drive, Atlanta, GA 30313. 1-2 Beds.
  • Westwood Glen Apartments. (1)
  • Park At Peachtree Hills. (1)
  • West Lake Village Townhomes. 1655 West Lake Court, Atlanta, GA 30314.
  • Wood Terrace. (8)
  • Lacota Apartments. (3)
  • Dunwoody Glen Apartment Homes. 6800 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30360.
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What do you need to get an apartment in Atlanta?

Prepare Your Paperwork

  1. A driver’s license or passport.
  2. Proof of income at the time of your application (the general rule is that you need to make three times the cost of rent before taxes)
  3. If you are changing jobs, a letter from your new company.

Is Atlanta cheap to live in?

Atlanta boasts a very reasonable cost of living, particularly in comparison to other major cities like LA and NYC. Homes can be found on fairly large lots and the cost of building isn’t as high. Renting is also a popular housing choice for residents. Apartment rentals average $1,500 per month.

Where should I live in Atlanta?

Where to live in Atlanta in 2020

  • Summerhill. The draw: Diverse; steeped in local history; lower cost of living than its eastside counterparts.
  • Buckhead Village. The draw: Car-free oasis with ritzy shops and restaurants.
  • Westview.
  • East Atlanta.
  • Knight Park/Howell Station.
  • Piedmont Heights.
  • Underwood Hills.

How can I get an apartment fast?

How to Find an Apartment Quickly

  1. Set your budget. Calculate your monthly expenses and determine how much rent you can afford.
  2. Choose a few potential neighborhoods.
  3. Make a list of desired apartment features.
  4. Search for apartments.
  5. Make phone calls.
  6. Tour apartments.
  7. Have your paperwork in order.

How much should I spend on an apartment?

One popular rule of thumb is the 30% rule, which says to spend around 30% of your gross income on rent. So if you earn $2,800 per month before taxes, you should spend about $840 per month on rent.

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What is the best site to find apartments in NYC?

The best apps and websites for finding an apartment in New York City

  • Naked Apartments.
  • StreetEasy.
  • Zumper.
  • Renthop.
  • HotPads.
  • Pad Mapper.
  • Roomi.

Where in Georgia has the cheapest rent?

The cheapest cities in Georgia for renters

  1. Valdosta. One-bedroom average rent price: $647.
  2. Cumming. One-bedroom average rent price: $662.
  3. Rincon. Source: Rent.com / Jasper Village.
  4. Warner Robins. One-bedroom average rent price: $735.
  5. Athens. One-bedroom average rent price: $740.
  6. Albany.
  7. Forest Park.
  8. Clarkston.

Where are the cheapest rents?

The 50 cheapest places to rent in America

Rank City Population
1 Springfield, MO 167,882
2 Fargo, ND 124,662
3(t) Tucson, AZ 548,073
3(t) Greensboro, NC 296,710


How much can I afford for rent?

To figure out how much cash you should be spending on rent, try using one of these rent -to-income ratios. The first one is the 30% rule. That’s where you spend no more than 30% of your income on rent. So, if you’re earning $1,000 a week, you’d want to spend around $300 on rent.

Can you get an apartment with a 570 credit score?

Most individuals or companies renting an apartment want credit scores from applicants to be 620 or higher. People with credit scores lower than 620 may indicate a high risk of default on rent owed. A low credit score does not mean you won’t get approved at all. You can still rent an apartment with poor credit.

Can an apartment approve you then deny you?

Since apartment managers and landlords don’t know you personally, they can only decide whether to approve your application based on your past behavior. If you think your past could cause you to be denied, try asking coworkers, your employer, or others who know you to provide you with character references.

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Should I apply for an apartment before seeing it?

As a rule of thumb, renters should start looking for apartments one to two months before moving out. If you look too early, the same unit you found probably won’t be available. You’d be doing more legwork than necessary. If you wait too long to start looking for apartments, your options are limited.

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