FAQ: How To Find An Apartment In Germany?

Is it hard to find an apartment in Germany?

I don’t know where in Germany you’re looking, but if you are in a major city like Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne etc., rest assured it is hard for anyone and everyone to find an apartment. Demand is high and supply low. In the cities, you apply for an apartment almost like you would for a job.

What is the best apartment search site?

We spent some time sorting through the best sites so you know where to look.

  • Trulia. A clean, clear website that helps those looking to buy, sell, or rent homes all over the nation.
  • Zillow.
  • StreetEasy.
  • Craigslist.
  • Dixon Leasing.

How can a foreigner rent an apartment in Germany?

You’ll need the following required documents for renting in Germany as a foreigner:

  1. Your ID or passport.
  2. A Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung—a document to prove you don’t owe previous landlords money.
  3. Three recent pay slips to prove you’re earning enough to pay the rent.
  4. Bank statements from the last three months.
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Can a tourist rent an apartment in Germany?

2 Answers. You should be looking for accommodation that is explicitly listed for short stays. The majority of “regular” German flats -for- rent come unfurnished and you will have a hard time convincing the landlord to rent it to you when there are other people interested in lending it for >=12 months.

How much is rent in Germany?

On average, to cover your living expenses in Germany you will need around 861 euros per month (around $1,002 US dollars) or 10,332 euros per year (around $12,024 US dollars). Average Rent in Germany.

City Berlin
Average Monthly Rent 795.90€
City Hamburg
Average Monthly Rent 838.94 €

What do houses look like in Germany?

German homes typically will have a very small (if any) front yard, and a larger backyard or garden. Even apartment buildings that do not look that fancy from the front will usually have a very nice courtyard or garden hidden in the back.

What is the best site to look for rental homes?

The 7 best home rental sites of 2021

  1. MLS. The MLS, or multiple listing service, is arguably the best site to find rental homes.
  2. Zillow.
  3. Craigslist.
  4. PadMapper.
  5. Realtor.com.
  6. HotPads.
  7. Rent.com.

How much should I spend on an apartment?

One popular rule of thumb is the 30% rule, which says to spend around 30% of your gross income on rent. So if you earn $2,800 per month before taxes, you should spend about $840 per month on rent.

Is Zumper owned by Zillow?

Wade Roush 3/17/14. Here in San Francisco, there’s never been a crazier time to try to rent an apartment. As soon as one San Francisco-based rental-tech startup leaves the scene—the way RentJuice got bought by Zillow in 2012 for $40 million—another pops up in its place. This time it’s Zumper.

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Why is it so hard to find an apartment in Germany?

If you are asking why it is difficult to rent, the answer is rent regulation. Rental prices are limited by the federal legislation in Germany, and in many places also by local legislation.

Can you negotiate rent in Germany?

Can I negotiate the rent with the landlord? So, although German law strongly favours tenants, the landlords have the upper hand when they’re choosing which tenants can move in, in the first place. Usually trying to negotiate won’t work.

Does rent in Germany include utilities?

When it comes to deposits and utilities in Germany, one is expected to pay a deposit that is equal to three months’ rent. It should not be more than this amount. The utilities, on the other hand, are usually not included in the rent and this should be mentioned in the rental contract.

How do you pay rent in Germany?

What is included in the rent in Germany? Your rental contract will set out exactly how much rent you are expected to pay. It will usually specify a payment date and a preferred method of payment. The most common way of paying your rent is by transferring it to your landlord’s bank account.

What is cold rent in Germany?

Cold rent means that you pay basic rent for the residence and there are no extra costs included in your monthly payment. Warm rent means that your monthly payment includes the basic rent for the residence and additional costs – called Umlagen or Nebenkosten.

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What is Germany’s housing?

Most Germans live in multi-family houses with up to ten apartments. Roughly one quarter live in large housing blocks or high-rise buildings and one third in single-family homes. Statistically, each household consists of two people. Roughly one in six Germans lives alone.

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