FAQ: How To Garden In An Apartment?

How do you garden while living in an apartment?

If you’re gardening on a windowsill, you can either choose plants that require less sunlight, such as certain salad greens and herbs, or you can add a. Soil: Plants depend on their soil for water, air, and nutrients. Because your apartment garden will likely involve containers, you can’t use ordinary garden soil.

What can you grow inside an apartment?

You can grow plants inside your apartment; here are a few good choices!

  • Avocados. All you need to plant an avocado is an avocado.
  • Herbs.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Microgreens.
  • Garlic Greens.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Lemons.
  • Bell Peppers.

How do you build an apartment garden?

How to grow vegetables in your apartment

  1. Container planting. Container planting is a great option for growing vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, bush tomatoes, climbing beans, root vegetables, lettuce and salad leaves.
  2. Herbs and micro-herbs in tins.
  3. ‘No dig’ wheelbarrow veggie patch.
  4. Root vegetables in glass.
  5. 9 Gardening accounts you need to be following.
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How can I grow food in my apartment?

How to grow your own food in containers. If you’re tight on space, the best way to grow your own food is to use pots and other containers. Just make sure they’re suitable for the type of fruit, vegetable or herb you want to grow. For example, if you want to grow carrots you’ll need to choose a deep container.

Can I plant outside my apartment?

If you have a pretty sunny balcony, you can plant veggies! Tomatoes and lettuce, for instance, love sun and grow well in pots. You can even plant peas along the balcony lattice and let them crawl up. If you only have window baskets or even just a windowsill, make the most of small space by planting big pops of color.

Where should plants be placed in an apartment?

These green hacks will help make your living spaces a natural oasis.

  1. Get A Small Green Wall At Home. Grace Supplies/Etsy.
  2. Make Your Own Terrarium.
  3. Use Low-Light Plants In Dark Areas.
  4. Don’t Ignore Trees.
  5. Put Humidity-Loving Plants In Bathrooms.
  6. Go Micro.
  7. Tier Plants On Walls & Over Doors.
  8. Make A Plant Canopy For Your Bed.

How do I get an herb garden in my apartment?

10 Tips to Grow Herbs in an Apartment Garden Like a Pro

  1. Start small.
  2. Choose herbs you like to eat.
  3. Pick the right spot.
  4. Don’t put your herbs together, unless they like one another.
  5. Give your plants room to grow.
  6. Inspect your herbs for pests.
  7. Don’t overwater your herbs.
  8. Use high-quality potting soil.
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How do cucumbers grow in an apartment?


  1. Mix 2″ of compost in with the soil to prepare for planting.
  2. Cucumbers love water, so be sure to hydrate regularly.
  3. A great way to keep the soil moist and weeds at bay is to mulch around the plants.
  4. Cucumbers are heavy feeders, so fertilize before planting your seedlings and again once flowers appear.

Can you grow tomatoes in an apartment?

Growing tomatoes in your apartment is a viable option, and the only option if you live somewhere with cool temperatures. It’s perfect to include in a container garden, and you can grow them entirely indoors. You can also grow them outdoors in a raise bed garden or in containers.

Can I grow vegetables in my apartment?

You can grow tons of fresh veggies, fruits and herbs very easily on a balcony, patio or even a sunny spot inside. Plants, especially fruits and veggies, love sunlight. Don’t know if you’ve ever heard that, but it’s true. They like at least 6 hours of good direct sunlight per day.

Can you grow flowers in an apartment?

Living in an apartment or a small space can make it interesting for those who want to do some gardening with indoor flowering plants. When looking for flowers to grow in your apartment, it’s important to keep in mind plants that are somewhat hardy, don’t require much sunlight and are relatively easy to take care of.

How do you grow carrots in an apartment?


  1. Plant seeds 8-12 inches deep, about 3 inches apart. For container gardens, use a short root variety, such as Short and Sweet or Scarlet Nantes.
  2. Soil should be loose and well-drained, and it’ll take about two and a half months for carrots to fully form.
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What should I plant for beginners?

If not, you can always eat the greens.

  1. Strawberries. Perfectly ripe strawberries are unbelievably sweet, and the plants are surprisingly hardy.
  2. Peppers. Both hot peppers and bell peppers are easy to grow.
  3. Bush zucchini.
  4. Tomatoes.
  5. Basil.
  6. Potatoes.

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