How To Cheaply Furnish A College Apartment?

How do you furnish a college apartment on a budget?

5 Ways to Decorate Your College Apartment on a Budget

  1. Throw down a rug. When you’re living in an apartment that houses different college students every semester, there’s a good chance you’re going to find a few marks on the floor.
  2. Make use of multipurpose furniture.
  3. Make your own wall art.
  4. Look smart and sophisticated with a multi-level bookshelf.
  5. You can’t go wrong with Ikea.

How much should I spend on college apartment furniture?

If you’re able to only buy essential items, it should cost you between $3,000 – $5,500 to furnish your apartment.

How do I get furniture for my college apartment?

6 Great Places To Buy College Furniture

  1. Dormify.
  2. Amazon. Amazon is a staple when it comes to shopping for college.
  3. The Container Store. For those of you who have a thing for organization, The Container Store is a dream come true.
  4. Dormco. Everything on is suitably designed for college dorm rooms.
  5. CORT.
  6. Target.
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How can I furnish my apartment for $1000?

Furnishing Your Apartment on $1000 or Less

  1. Bed $400. With a bit more cash, you should spend it on your bed.
  2. Couch $100.
  3. Dining Table, Chairs $100.
  4. Dresser/Hangers for Closet $50.
  5. Silverware/Dishes $50-75.
  6. Bedding $50.
  7. Shower Curtain/Bedroom Curtains $40.
  8. Trash cans $20.

How much does it cost to furnish an apartment at IKEA?

If you add up our selections, Ikea comes in at about $1,800 ($900 for Living/Dining and $900 for Bedroom/Office), Target is a tad higher, about $2.250 ($1,000 for Living/Dining and $1,250 for Bedroom/Office), and Pottery Barn is much higher at $8,000 ($3,300 Living/Dining and $4,700 Bedroom/Office).

How do you furnish an apartment on a budget?

How to Furnish an Apartment on a Budget

  1. Get Thrifty. If you like high-end quality items but aren’t ready to spend a fortune on a table set for your new place, go for used furniture.
  2. Explore Furniture Outlets.
  3. Check Out Big-Box Stores and Online Marketplaces.
  4. Rent Your Furniture.

Should you buy furniture before or after you move in?

So, should you buy furniture before or after you move in? It is usually better to buy furniture after moving, but sometimes it may be worth it to purchase the pieces you need ahead of time – it depends on the particular circumstances in your case and your personal preferences.

What can I use to furnish an apartment?

When furnishing an apartment, always go for multi-functional furniture. Sleeper sofas, coffee tables with storage and benches with shoe racks are just a few of our favorites. There are plenty of stylish, multi-tasking pieces of furniture in the market that will make it easy to stay organized.

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What do college students need for their first apartment?

While you get to ditch the shower shoes, you will have to add some new items to your college apartment checklist.

  • Shower curtain, liner, and hooks. Shower curtains may seem like a boring purchase, but there are so many options.
  • Towels and bathmat.
  • Toilet paper and tissues.
  • Toiletries and storage.
  • Bathroom cleaning supplies.

How can college students afford furniture?

How to Find Affordable Furniture for College Students

  1. Tap Older Family Members.
  2. Look for City-Wide Garage Sales.
  3. Shop Estate Sales.
  4. Find Furniture That Pulls Double Duty.
  5. Ask About Floor Models.
  6. Shop a Campus Move-Out Day.
  7. Rent Apartment Furniture.

What size bed should I get for my college apartment?

College dorms often have extra-long twin beds to accommodate taller students. A standard twin- size sheet will not fit. The measurements of an extra-long twin bed mattress are 39 inches wide by 80 inches long. This is 5 inches longer than standard twin beds.

Who makes dorm furniture?

Made by University Loft, one of the largest casegood manufacturers in the United States, lead times on dorm mattresses, dorm desks, dorm chairs, dorm tables, and dorm bunks is within 5-7 business days. Your number one source for college furniture is one call away, 1-800-526-8224.

How much on average does it cost to furnish an apartment?

This includes the budgeting and interior design wisdom you need to purchase your first furnishings. What are the costs of furnishing your apartment? Altogether, the average person can spend an average of $7,700. How Much Does it Cost to Furnish Your Apartment?

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Living Room Total $2,100
Grill $300
Grand Total $7,700


How can I furnish my apartment for 2000?

Furnishing Your Apartment for $2000 or Less

  1. Bed and Mattress- $700.
  2. Bedding – $100.
  3. Dresser- $50.
  4. Nightstand, end tables, coffee tables- $150.
  5. Curtains (and curtain rods) – $60.
  6. Couch – $400.
  7. Kitchen table and chairs – $200.
  8. Dishes, silverware, pots and pans – $150.

What is the first thing to buy for a new apartment?

First Apartment Checklist: What You Should Buy After (or Before) Your Move

  • Bed frame.
  • Box spring or foundation.
  • Vanity or desk.
  • Comfy chair.
  • Bedside/reading lamp.
  • Laundry hamper.
  • Closet storage solutions like a hanging closet organizer or shoe rack.
  • Full-length mirror.

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