Often asked: How To List An Apartment On Streeteasy?

Can you list your apartment on StreetEasy?

Rentals Listings Only one copy of a rental listing is permitted on StreetEasy. Landlord/Management Company can assign StreetEasy advertising rights to one brokerage, per Rental Building.

Do you have to pay to list on StreetEasy?

StreetEasy is slashing fees for New York rental agents. StreetEasy first introduced the daily fee for rentals in 2017. In November, the portal increased the price to post a listing to $6 from $4.50, eliciting sharp condemnation from agents.

How do I upload a listing to StreetEasy?

How to Manually Post Your Listings on StreetEasy

  1. Log in to your StreetEasy Agent Account.
  2. Select ‘Agent Tools’ and then ‘My Listings ‘
  3. Select ‘Add New Sale’ or ‘Add New Rental’
  4. Fill out the information fields.
  5. Agree to Terms of Use and Submit! Leave the first comment: Add a new comment.

Are StreetEasy apartments verified?

StreetEasy Verifies All Listing Data Our data integrity team uses a reporting system that automatically verifies the listing and building info against records from New York City’s Department of Finance and Department of Buildings. We don’t stop there.

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How do I list an apartment for rent in NYC?

The best apps and websites for finding an apartment in New York City

  1. Naked Apartments.
  2. StreetEasy.
  3. Zumper.
  4. Renthop.
  5. HotPads.
  6. Pad Mapper.
  7. Roomi.

Is StreetEasy only for New York?

StreetEasy launched in New York City in 2006 and quickly became the de facto database for property listings across the city. New York City did not have a unified multiple listing service at the time. (It just launched in August and it’s not consumer-facing).

Is it free to post on StreetEasy?

“We don’t support them as a company, but our brokers are free to pay on their own.” A StreetEasy spokeswoman calls the $3 a day charge a “minimal” amount for a rental broker to pay.

What does it mean when an apartment has no fee?

A no – fee apartment means the renter does not pay a broker’s fee. A landlord or management company may pay the fee on the tenant’s behalf, in which case the apartment is advertised as no – fee. If you sign directly with a building owner, there is no fee.

What does no fee on StreetEasy mean?

No – fee: If you rent a “ no – fee ” apartment, you usually do not pay a fee, which is also known as a “broker’s fee.” The management company or landlord will pay that fee to a broker. Fee: If you rent a “ fee ” apartment, you as the renter will have to pay a broker’s fee and will pay that money directly to the broker.

How do I edit my StreetEasy listing?

Log into your StreetEasy agent profile page and hover over ‘Agent Tools. ‘ Then select ‘My Listings. ‘ From there, click ‘ Edit. ‘

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What is StreetEasy pro?

As a PRO you’ll receive the following: Enhanced Agent Profile. Your SEO-friendly, Enhanced Agent Profile will help you generate more leads and sets you apart from the crowd. You can have your own StreetEasy.com URL to boost your SEO and help you market yourself on the web.

How do I create an agent profile on StreetEasy?

Create or update your StreetEasy agent profile Head to your My Profile section (under Your Account) and add a photo, bio, claim your deals, and more.

Can you get scammed on StreetEasy?

If You Think You See a Scam on StreetEasy So if you think you see something inaccurate, or just plain odd, we want to know about it. It’s easy to report a questionable listing to us via our “report a problem” link, which you ‘ll find on every StreetEasy listing, and we will immediately investigate.

Can you trust StreetEasy?

Yes, Streeteasy is generally reliable. But you should watch out for a few things: Never rent an apartment sight-unseen. If the broker asks you to meet at their office, it’s a bait & switch.

Are apartment brokers worth it?

Negotiating rent: Apartment brokers can often negotiate a lower monthly rent, or even a reduced security deposit on your behalf. As you’ll see in the next section, apartment brokers are often not cheap, but if they can save you money on rent it can certainly help justify the expense.

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