Often asked: How To Make An Apartment In Sims 2?

How do I make my Sims live in an apartment?

Sims may occupy any apartment you want. Hit Esc to bring up the menu while in live mode, then pick ‘Manage Worlds’. You can then click the house/ apartment you want to evict or move out, and make room for your Sims to live in that apartment.

How do you edit apartments in Sims 2?

Altering Apartments, Including Tenanted Lots

  1. Move everyone out.
  2. Change the lot zoning back to residential by typing in the cheat window (brought up with crtl-shift-c) changeLotZoning residential.
  3. Make the changes.
  4. Change the lot zoning back to apartments by typing in the cheat window.
  5. Move the tenants back in.

How do you change a residential lot to an apartment in Sims 2?

Save the game and then exit to the neighborhood. From the neighborhood view, you should see the apartment icon–a square, rotating symbol, above the building. When Sims are moved into the apartment, the residential mailbox should then become an apartment, multi-stacked mailbox, showing the conversion was complete.

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Can Sims live in apartments?

Apartments abound in the new city area called San Myshuno. Sims are not required to inhabit them even if they take one of the new City Living Careers. Sims can freely move to or from apartments and the suburbs as long as they have the money to cover the costs.

Can I build my own apartment in Sims 4?

You can customize the interior of any apartment, but not the exterior or public areas. You can encourage Sims who live in the building to gather in your Sim’s apartment (whenever they want) by befriending them and giving them a housekey.

Is Sims 4 city living worth it?

For me, The Sims 4: City Living is definitely worth every penny and it is a must-have expansion pack. Even if you don’t want to live in an apartment, the city just offers so much to explore. Even if you don’t live in a major city, almost everyone wants to visit them once in a while and enjoy the excitement.

How do you rent a furnished apartment in Sims 2?

It is possible to rent an apartment with all of its furnishings by enabling testingcheatsenabled, shift+clicking on the door of the apartment you would like to rent, and selecting ” Rent Furnished “. The Sim must be standing next to the door, and they must not have any other actions in their queue.

How do you change a lot type on Sims 2?

You can change the lot zoning back to community or residential by typing in: changelotzoning community, and: changelotzoning residential. You will have to load the lot, enter the cheat, exit back out of the lot to the neighborhood, then re-load the lot to make this method effective.

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Can you edit apartments in Sims 4?

The freebuild cheat allows you to edit all buildings – including the dorms from The Sims 4: Discover University and the active career buildings from The Sims 4: Get To Work.

How do you make a hotel on Sims 2?

Rezone the lot as a ‘ Hotel ” lot. Press CTRL+Shift+C to enable the text box for cheats at the top of the screen. Type “Changelotzoning hotel ” into the text box and press “Enter.” If you are finished building your hotel, save the lot and exit. Sims will now be able to visit and check into your hotel.

How do you build outdoor apartments in Sims 4?

To build outside a living area, all you really need is “testingcheatsenabled true” and “restrictbuildbuyinbuildings off”. You only need “buydebug on” if you need to place apartment markers. If you’re modifying an existing apartment, those markers are already present so you probably won’t need it.

How many Sims can live in an apartment?

Individual apartment households can consist of 8 Sims or 6 pets, with no more than 10 household members total.

When did Sims 5 release?

The first Sims game, named simply The Sims, was released in February 2000. By March 2002, The Sims had sold more than 11.3 million copies worldwide, becoming the best-selling PC game in history at the time. The Sims 5 Release Date.

The Sims 3
Release Date 2009
Years developing expansions 5
Number of complex expansions 11

Can you rent out a house in Sims 4?

To begin taking vacations in any world in The Sims 4, players are going to want to determine which lot or lots will be converted to rental properties. Players can select the world they want to visit from the menu, then select the rental property and the number of days they want to stay on vacation.

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