Often asked: Where Is Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment?

Can you visit Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment?

This post explains how to visit Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment (the famous stoop), including tips on visitor etiquette, background information, and guided tours. You can go on your own, but you can also go with other fans on the Sex and the City Bus Tour.

How much would Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment cost?

Carrie Bradshaw paid only $700 per month at the time. An apartment of this size would cost on average $3,500 per month. The kitchen where Carrie Bradshaw rarely cooked. The one- bedroom apartment would cost around $600,000 to own.

Where was the inside of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment filmed?

Carrie’s apartment is located at the real address of 64 Perry Street, New York City, where all exteriors were shot. Interiors were shot on a sound stage, designed by set designer Jeremy Conway, who worked on all seasons of Sex and the City, as well as the two movies.

How many apartments did Carrie Bradshaw have?

7 The Exterior Changes Throughout The Series But did you know production used more than one apartment -front for Carrie moments? There were actually four! According to an eagle-eyed blogger, there are four different doorsteps Carrie has called her own and they even did some digging to find the addresses.

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What was Carrie Bradshaw’s salary?

Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw: $150 million (£107.7m) Between 2016 and 2019, Parker produced and starred in TV series Divorce, a three-season show for which she reportedly earned $275,000 (£200k) per episode. Parker also starred in Here and Now, which was cancelled in 2018 after one season.

Where does Samantha Jones live?

In the book’s prequel series, it is revealed that Carrie met Samantha first. In the early part of the series, she lives on the Upper East Side, but ends up moving to an expensive apartment in the Meatpacking District.

Can Carrie Bradshaw afford her lifestyle?

She is single, fabulous and open to finding love. But on only a columnist’s salary, Carrie manages to afford her own New York City apartment, buy countless Cosmopolitans, have frequent brunches and purchase the newest Manolo Blahnik’s to add to her fashion-forward closet.

How many guys did Carrie Bradshaw sleep with?

Sex And The City really put Carrie through the wringer. In six series of Sex and the City, she dated 28 men. Some lasted years. Others barely made it beyond the appetizers.

Is Carrie Bradshaw life realistic?

Carrie Bradshaw’s lifestyle was the dream of many a young single woman. Carrie’s life sure looks glamorous, but that doesn’t mean it was realistic. In fact, Carrie’s entire approach to living in New York City is as unrealistic as it gets.

Does Carrie live?

Carrie is a resident of the borough of Manhattan in New York City. She lives in a brownstone on the Upper East Side at the fictional house number of 245, on East 73rd Street, between Park and Madison.

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How old was Carrie Bradshaw Season 1?

Carrie was 32 years old when Season 1 of Sex and the City premiered in 1998.

What color is Carrie Bradshaw’s closet?

At the start of the movie Carrie’s apartment appears as it was throughout the series with only minor decorative changes such as a paint job in the closet (from a dusty blue to a bolder blue), some new lamps and furniture pieces.

How do I decorate like Carrie Bradshaw?

10 Style Ideas to Steal from the Carrie Bradshaw Apartment

  1. A desk by a window. Take it from a blogger; there’s no better place to sit and type than by a window.
  2. Off-centre Art.
  3. A chair as a bedside table.
  4. Lamps, lamps, lamps.
  5. A shelf as a bedhead.
  6. Leaning artwork.
  7. Books on display.
  8. A bold wall colour.

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