Question: Apartment Balcony Curtains?

How do you cover an apartment balcony?

Read on to find 14 balcony ideas and see how you can transform your outdoor space from top to bottom.

  1. Add a Small Table.
  2. Install Built-In Seating.
  3. Bring in Greenery.
  4. Opt for Floor Pillows.
  5. Add Pattern with an Outdoor Rug.
  6. Use Your Wall Space.
  7. Light It Up.
  8. Hang a Chair or Hammock.

How do you cover a balcony?

How to Cover Balcony for Privacy

  1. Blinds. Wooden or bamboo blinds are a good way to create privacy on the balcony.
  2. Shutters. and create shade and save from chilly winds, but also protect the sensitive components on the balcony such as furniture or small plants from fickle weather.
  3. Screens.
  4. Plants.

How do you weatherproof a balcony for an apartment?

If you live in an area that gets very cold and regularly sees snow, you can go all out winterizing the space by using clear plastic drapes, tarps or curtains to enclose the space, keeping the elements out and heat in, and using patio heaters to warm things up.

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How do I spruce up my apartment patio?

If your apartment balcony or patio area lacks privacy, upright or voluminous plants (think: bamboo, shrubs, and decorative grasses) can create a more intimate area. Wall dividers, hanging planters, and umbrellas are also great ways to cover more of your space from nosy neighbors. 6

How do you hide a bad balcony view?

Here are a few window treatment ideas to help you at hiding a bad window view.

  1. Use indoor plants as an attractive distraction.
  2. Hang curtains.
  3. Hang an interesting mobile over the window.
  4. Use mirrors to distract and reflect.
  5. Install glass film.
  6. Create an outdoor screen.
  7. Cover the ugly window and just create a new one.

How can I make my apartment balcony safe for my cat?

Create a Safe Haven

  1. Cat -proof Ledges. Make sure your beloved pet can’t climb on top of small ledges, like the edge of your balcony.
  2. Build a (Mini) Catio. If you have a particularly adventurous cat that can’t be tricked that easily, consider closing the space off with netting or building a catio.
  3. Use Netting.

What is the best flooring for a balcony?

These are the top 5 highly recommended flooring options to have a waterproof balcony.

  1. Porcelain and ceramic tile. Porcelain exterior tiles are a durable option if you are looking for patio tiles.
  2. Concrete.
  3. Brick Flooring.
  4. Heavy Duty Flexible Coating.
  5. Rubber Pavers.

How do I stop rainwater coming in my balcony?

How To Prevent Rain Water From Entering Your Balcony

  1. Install Outdoor Blinds.
  2. Install Sliding Glass Shutters.
  3. Install A Roof Cover.
  4. Install A Retractable Awning.
  5. Use Bamboo Chik Blinds.

How do I put privacy on my balcony?

In smaller yards and on balconies, planters can create tall privacy shields. “If your planter is two feet and you’re planting a four-foot hedge, all of a sudden you have six feet and it’s only taken up about two feet on the ground,” says Black. She recommends yew or privet hedges, clumping bamboo, or camellia.

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How do I protect my balcony from dust?

9 tricks to keep your balcony clean and tidy

  1. Plant sky-high. Save.
  2. Set yourself a regular routine. Save.
  3. Scrub the floor at least once a fortnight. Save.
  4. Take everything off the floor. Save.
  5. Wash and launder any textiles and furniture upholstery.
  6. Clean the glass regularly.
  7. Employ built-in storage.
  8. Choose your accessories wisely.

How do I turn my balcony into a bedroom?

Simply convert an open balcony into a room. Here are the best ideas to turn the space into a warm, inviting zone! Open Balcony Room Basic Ideas

  1. Decide How To Enclose.
  2. Choose the Right Flooring.
  3. Wall treatments.
  4. Light it up.
  5. Pick Furniture That Fits the Space.
  6. Plan Ample Storage.

Should I remove snow from my balcony?

Snow can weigh heavily on balconies and should be removed. Balconies are often neglected in the winter, since they are rarely used. Accumulated snow can weigh them down, sometimes damaging their integrity, especially wooden balconies.

How do you close an open balcony?

There are several ways to closed terraces, some of them are closing with lexan, blinds, awnings, windows. Decorate the area on the terrace with the details and make it the best way. Enjoy on the terrace during the colder days. Also, you can rearrange and open it, when it comes sunshine and will enjoy again.

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