Quick Answer: How Much Would Monica’s Apartment Cost?

How much did Monica pay for rent?

While on the show, Monica and Rachel only paid a meek $200/month for their 1,1125-square-foot West Village apartment, Coinage estimates the 2017 rent for a similar space would be a whopping $4,500/month. That’s per month, just for rent. We haven’t even factored in the cost of utilities or food!

How much would Monica’s apartment cost in the 90s?

According to the article, Monica’s two-bedroom, one-bath apartment with an open kitchen/living room and outdoor terrace in New York City’s West Village would cost at least $4,500 a month.

How much would Monica Geller’s apartment cost?

And, it would cost the characters even more to buy the fictional apartment, which Elyanow tells CNBC Make It would easily cost around $2 million today.

How much was Monica and Rachel’s rent?

A one-night overnight stay for two will cost just $19.94 — a nod to the year the show first aired. But you’ll need to be quick.

Is Monica’s apartment real?

The apartments All of the interior action was filmed in an LA studio, but the exterior of the building is a real -life New York location. The West Village at 90 Bedford Street, on the southeast corner of Grove Street and Bedford Street, is the building where both Monica’s pad and Joey and Chandler’s apartment lives.

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Is Central Perk real?

The fictional location of the apartments of Rachel and Monica and Joey and Chandler on the much-loved sitcom is located in the Greenwich area, and exterior shots for the building — which also housed the fictional Central Perk coffee shop on the ground floor — were filmed on location in New York at the corner of Bedford

How did icarly afford her apartment?

Carly is living with her older brother because their father is in the military and stationed overseas, so she stayed with him instead. Presumably, Carly and Spencer’s dad is helping to pay for the apartment so that Carly has a place to live, since Spencer doesn’t make much money as an artist.

How much was Joey and Chandler’s rent?

First, they calculated that Joey and Chandler’s rent would have equated to roughly $3,500 a month, totalling approximately $63,000 over three years. User ASmileThatKills then added on another $1000 for Joey’s half of the utilities, bringing the current total up to $64,000 so far.

What is Chandler Bing’s salary?

The data suggests that Chandler is the second highest paid over the series, having earned a salary of $100,000 for his job in data analysis and configuration (yep, apparently that’s what Chandler did).

How much was Monica’s boots?

The exact price isn’t mentioned. For some reason I have always pictured in my head that they were upwards of several hundred dollars to $1000 maybe. The only references to price for the boots are when Monica says “Now, it’s a little more than I would normally spend on shoes.

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How much was Seinfeld’s rent?

George mentions in the Muffin Tops episode (1997) that his rent is $2300/mo.

How much would Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment cost?

Carrie Bradshaw paid only $700 per month at the time. An apartment of this size would cost on average $3,500 per month. The kitchen where Carrie Bradshaw rarely cooked. The one-bedroom apartment would cost around $600,000 to own.

How much would the new girl apartment cost?

Courtesy of Fox. The amazing loft apartment in New Girl is actually quite affordable for a four bedroom. The spot in L.A.’s Arts District is only $2,395 per month.

How did Chandler afford his apartment?

Apparently, Chandler paid for three years worth of Joey’s rent, utilities, and food. They live in Manhattan in a nice area of The Village, in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, apartment on one of the upper levels. That is a very expensive location to live in; today an apartment like that would cost around $5000 a month easily.

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