Quick Answer: Where Is The Jeffersons Apartment Building?

What floor did the Jeffersons live on?

Renovations on Park Lane Towers, the terrace-ringed Upper East Side high-rise that symbolized luxury living for George and Weezy on “The Jeffersons,” has current real-life tenants so outraged they’re planning to halt rent payments starting Tuesday.

Where were the Jeffersons filmed?

The Jeffersons
Production locations CBS Television City, Hollywood, California (1975) Metromedia Square, Hollywood, California (1975–1982) Universal City Studios, Universal City, California (1982–1985)
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 22–24 minutes


How big was the Jeffersons apartment?

The Jeffersons ‘ 430-unit, 36-story building, built in 1967, was modern, with a terrace, a doorman, and easy access to the subway and Central Park.

How much did the Jeffersons pay for their apartment?

The Jeffersons In the 1970s, the Jeffersons famously moved on up to the East Side of Manhattan. If that were to happen today, it would carry a hefty price tag. A four bedroom apartment in the building the family lived in during the show’s 11 seasons, 185 E. 85th Street, costs about $20,000 per month.

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What was the Jeffersons apartment number?

“The Jeffersons ” 984 W. 124th Street, Apt. 5C (TV Episode 1977) – IMDb.

How did the Jeffersons get rich?

Character overview. George Jefferson was born in Harlem, NY in about 1929 or 1930, an ambitious African-American entrepenuer who started and managed a successful chain of seven dry cleaning stores in New York City. He got the money from a car crash and collected the insurance to start his dry cleaning business.

Did Archie Bunker ever appear on The Jeffersons?

The Jeffersons is a television series spun off from All in the Family. 253 episodes were produced over eleven seasons from 1975 to 1985. The show was launched as the second spin-off of All In The Family, on which the Jeffersons had been the neighbors of Archie and Edith Bunker.

What type of business did George Jefferson own on The Jeffersons?

George Jefferson is a fictional character played by Sherman Hemsley on the American television sitcoms All in the Family (from 1973 until 1975) and its spin-off The Jeffersons (1975–1985), in which he serves as the program’s protagonist.

George Jefferson
Occupation Dry-cleaning business owner

What happened on the last episode of The Jeffersons?

The show ended in controversy after CBS abruptly canceled the series without allowing for a proper series finale. The cast was not informed until after the July 2, 1985, episode “Red Robins”, and actor Sherman Hemsley said he found out that the show was canceled by reading it in the newspaper.

How many Lionel’s were there on The Jeffersons?

9. THERE WERE TWO LIONELS. Mike Evans was the original Lionel, having appeared as the character way back on the pilot episode of All in the Family.

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Is any of the cast of The Jeffersons still alive?

Sherman Hemsley, who played the original George Jefferson, died in 2012, while Isabel Sanford, who played Louise, died in 2004.

How much is Sherman Hemsley worth?

Sherman Hemsley Net Worth: Sherman Hemsley was an American actor who had a net worth of $3 million.

Where is the odd couple building?

The address of Felix and Oscar’s apartment building is 1049 Park Avenue, an actual New York City address. Scenes for the opening credits and exterior views of the building seen on the show were filmed in front of the building.

Who were the neighbors on The Jeffersons?

Harry Bentley (Paul Benedict) is the Jeffersons ‘ English next-door neighbor. Bentley works as a Russian-language interpreter at the United Nations. He is known as a kind, gentle fellow, but George mostly finds him to be weird and annoying, frequently slamming the door in his face.

Why did CBS cancel the Jeffersons?

The series had to shut down after its star, Stacy Keach, was imprisoned in England, charged with trying to smuggle cocaine into the country. CBS executives have said they will consider ordering new episodes of the series for midseason after meeting with Keach following his release in June.

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