Readers ask: How To Decorate An Apartment Bathroom?

How can I make my bathroom look nice in my apartment?

11 Easy Ways To Make Your Rental Bathroom Look Stylish

  1. Add Art. Paintings, small sculptures, crafts, whether hung or set atop shelves, never fail to create a striking impression.
  2. Baskets.
  3. Shower Curtain.
  4. Cover Up with A Rug.
  5. Plants.
  6. Shelving.
  7. Lighting.
  8. Mirror.

How do you style a small bathroom in an apartment?

How to Maximize Space in a Small Apartment Bathroom?

  1. Go Easy on Accessories.
  2. Store Smarter.
  3. Think Outside the Bathroom.
  4. Lighten Up the Space.
  5. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.
  6. Floating Shelves & Cabinets, Oh My!
  7. Don’t Be a Square.
  8. Hang Those Towels.

How can I decorate my white bathroom in an apartment?

  1. Make the Cabinets Pop. If your bathroom is filled with color, allow the cabinets to be the source of contrast for the space.
  2. Do Everything White But the Cabinets.
  3. Put Up Shelves.
  4. Paint the Walls.
  5. Install Subway Tiles.
  6. Go For a Mix of Materials.
  7. Pick a Design -Forward Curtain.
  8. All White Everything.
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How can I make my bathroom look nice for cheap?

9 affordable ways to make your bathroom look more expensive

  1. Add a place to perch.
  2. Contain yourself.
  3. Replace your bath mat.
  4. Hang a mirror with flair.
  5. Input a monogram.
  6. Get the hang of it.
  7. Bring in a touch of brass.
  8. Dress your walls up.

How do I decorate my bathroom?

DIY Fresh Bathroom Paint Improve your bathroom wall decor by painting your walls with the perfect color. It’s a quick and easy DIY bathroom decor idea that can immediately transform your bathroom. Light colors will make a small bathroom look bigger. Dark or vibrant colors add a touch of drama to any size bath.

How do I make my apartment look pretty?

Here are a few ways expert say you can easily make your apartment feel more grown up.

  1. Frame Your Art. Stanisic Vladimir/fotolia.
  2. Organize Your Alcohol. fotosr52/fotolia.
  3. Fill Your Space With Plants.
  4. Decorate With Books.
  5. Get Yourself One Quality Item.
  6. Update Your Lighting.
  7. Stock Your Bathroom.
  8. Pick Up Some White Sheets.

What colors make a small bathroom look bigger?

“Oftentimes I like to paint small bathrooms [typically windowless rooms] a dark color, like black. It gives depth and creates an illusion of a larger space,” says Jenny Wolf of Jenny Wolf Interiors. “Go with a high-gloss in a super dark color,” advises Fleming James of Oliver Street Designs.

How do you decorate a boring bathroom in an apartment?

There’s Hope Yet for Your Dingy Rental Apartment Bathroom

  1. Get a New Toilet Seat.
  2. Deep-Clean—or Paint Over!—
  3. Swap Out the Lights Your Landlord Chose.
  4. New Shower Head, New Life.
  5. Make the Walls Work with Your Existing Tile.
  6. Get a Luxe-Looking Shower Curtain.
  7. Something Soft and Pretty Underfoot.
  8. All the Tiny Details.
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How can I brighten my apartment bathroom?

Small Bathroom Ideas: 6 Room Brightening Tips for Tiny, Windowless Bathrooms

  1. Add air or shade-loving plants.
  2. Have plenty of candles and lamps.
  3. Incorporate unusual or unexpected furniture.
  4. Paint (or tile) in all one light color.
  5. Add extra mirrors and reflective surfaces.

Can a bathroom be too white?

White bathrooms are classic, but going with a monochromatic palette can get dull, fast. Whether you want to add in some color, pattern, or go totally modern, we’ve got plenty of white bathrooms that’ll inspire you. White on white on white is a GO. Proof that a potted plant can go a long way.

How can I make my bathroom look brighter?

How to brighten up a dark bathroom

  1. Use Neutral Coloured Tiles.
  2. Incorporate Layered Lighting.
  3. Introduce Reflective Surfaces.
  4. Add Mirrors.
  5. Install a Glass Shower Enclosure.
  6. Create a Clutter-free Space.

How can I make my old bathroom look better?

Tips to help make an old bathroom feel new

  1. Clean that grout.
  2. Update those tiles (without re-tiling)
  3. DIY or upgrade stuff.
  4. Add texture.
  5. Use the tray trick.
  6. Add a feature piece or two.
  7. Choose products in expensive and clean looking packaging.
  8. Add some greenery.

How can I make my bathroom feel cozy?

15 Things You Can Do To Make Your Bathroom Cozy

  1. Try a Rain Showerhead.
  2. Enclose the Tub.
  3. Add Splashes of Color With Textiles.
  4. Add Some Furniture.
  5. Invest in Shelving.
  6. Install a Heated Towel Rack.
  7. Decorate With Treats.
  8. Towel Racks in All Shapes and Types.

What should I hang on my bathroom walls?

13 Clever Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom Walls

  • Set the tone with wallpaper.
  • Fake the “wallpaper” look.
  • Go for a beachy theme.
  • Make an art gallery.
  • Find bathroom -friendly art options.
  • Go for paint that pops.
  • Have some fun with mirrors.
  • Map it out.

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