Readers ask: Questions To Ask When Renting A Basement Apartment?

What should I look for in a basement apartment?

10 Tips for Creating the Ideal Basement Apartment, According to Scott McGillivray

  • Separate Entrance. 1/10. Separate Entrance.
  • High Ceilings. 2/10. High Ceilings.
  • Full Kitchen. 3/10. Full Kitchen.
  • Separate Laundry. 4/10. Separate Laundry.
  • Fireplace. 5/10.
  • Include a Bath and Shower. 6/10.
  • Heated Floors. 7/10.
  • Updated Finishes. 8/10.

What questions should I ask a potential landlord?

12 Questions to Ask a Landlord Before Renting

  • How Long Is the Lease Term?
  • What’s Included in the Rent?
  • When Is Rent Due and How Do I Pay It?
  • Is the Security Deposit Refundable?
  • Is Renters Insurance Required?
  • How Much Notice Do I Give Before Vacating?
  • What’s the Penalty For Breaking My Lease?

Are basement apartments bad?

The Legality of Basement Apartments Basements are prone to flooding, mold, lack of egress, and poor ventilation. If a basement apartment is not adequately renovated to comply with safety standards, it poses a significant risk to the renter.

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What do you say when you inquire about an apartment?


  1. State who you are and why you need a rental.
  2. Mention where you found their ad and how you can afford the rental.
  3. Offer to provide references (work/volunteer/housing office)

How can I make my basement apartment nicer?

5 Tips for Making a Basement Apartment Less Drab and More Inviting

  1. Yes, Use White—But Use it Inventively. It’s tempting to move into a small, darkish space and immediately cover all the walls with bright white paint.
  2. Let Accent Walls Be Your Friend.
  3. Hang Big, Yes BIG, Art.

How can I brighten my basement apartment?

24 Easy Ways to Brighten Up a Dark Basement

  1. White Walls. 1/24. White Walls.
  2. Glass Doors. 2/24. Glass Doors.
  3. Light Wood Flooring. 3/24. Light Wood Flooring.
  4. Trim Your Greenery. 4/24. Trim Your Greenery.
  5. Add Plants. 5/24. Add Plants.
  6. Use Different Light Sources. 6/24. Use Different Light Sources.
  7. Mirrors. 7/24. Mirrors.
  8. Chandeliers or Fancy Light Fixtures. 8/24.

What are three things you would look for in a rental agreement?

Here are things to look out for when signing a lease.

  • Rent Amount and Due Date. Make sure the lease matches the rent you expect to pay.
  • Terminating and Renewing. Many times a lease simply ends on the date stated in the lease.
  • Guests.
  • Subletting.
  • Maintenance Responsibilities.
  • Pets.
  • Renters Insurance.

What are five questions you would ask the landlord about your preferred property?

19 Questions You Should Ask Your Landlord Before You Rent

  • Are utilities included in the rent?
  • How often will rent increase and by approximately how much?
  • When is rent due and how will you need to pay?
  • What grace period is there for rent payment?
  • What are the terms of the lease agreement?
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What makes you a great tenant answer?

A good tenant is an honest tenant that does not lie about making rent, their employment status, and any damages that have occurred during their time as a lessee. During the application process, test the honesty of a potential tenant by verifying the information on their application.

Why you shouldn’t live in a basement apartment?

There’s the potential for mold problems Since basement apartments tend to be partially or mostly underground, moisture can seep in from any cracks in the foundation, and mold could grow behind or on walls, ceilings and floors, he says.

Can sleeping in a basement make you sick?

“ Basements are often damp, and moisture and mold go hand-in-hand,” says Robert Weitz, a certified microbial investigator and founder of RTK Environmental. “Mold and poor indoor air quality have been known to trigger allergies that cause coughs and headaches, as well as irritations to the nose, skin, and eyes.

What are the disadvantages of living in a basement?

5 Drawbacks of Renting a Basement Apartment

  • A lack of natural light. The fact that basements are located underground means they don’t tend to get a whole lot of light.
  • More noise.
  • Unwanted visitors.
  • The ever-present flood risk.
  • Cold winters.

How do you talk down your rent?

Here are some ways you can go about negotiating your rent price:

  1. Ask the landlord if rent price is open to discussion.
  2. Highlight your strengths as a tenant.
  3. Inquire about extending the lease.
  4. Offer to end the lease in the summer.
  5. Research the property’s value.
  6. Be open to compromise.
  7. Negotiate directly, follow up in writing.
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How do you ask for an apartment availability?

Start by introducing yourself and ask if they have the unit you want in the timeframe in which you’re looking to move. If so, ask the rent price, move-in availability and if it’s available to show.

What should be included in a rental cover letter?

What should you write on a rental application letter? It’s quite simple: Write a few short paragraphs about who you are, what you do for a living and perhaps the reason for your move. If you’re applying as a group for a property you intend to share, briefly introduce each housemate.

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