What Is A Garden Level Apartment?

Are garden level apartments safe?

Garden level are basement level, typically about half below grade half above (ie 4′ feet are below the ground, 4′ are above). In addition to lack of privacy, they can be dark, damp/cool, less safe. It mostly has to do with noise & access.

What is the difference between a garden apartment and a regular apartment?

The apartment units themselves typically have some outdoor living elements in a garden – apartment community. Ground-floor apartment units often have patios, which are good choices for residents who want to do some actual apartment gardening, while units on the second floor or higher generally have balconies.

What is a garden level lot?

A garden – level lot is somewhere between those two, where there is slope on the lot but not the 6-7 feet necessary for a walkout condition. A deck is also necessary on garden – level homes.

Why are garden apartments cheaper?

And because they tend to be located in suburban, non-dense locations, garden apartments are often cheaper than other types and also tend to have larger floor plans than apartments of the same bedroom count located in denser types of communities.

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Why are first floor apartments cheaper?

Lower costs: Most people prefer to rent upper floors, but choosing a first – floor apartment could mean lower rent because there’s lower demand. This difference is usually not advertised, but ask the leasing agent and you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

Why are they called garden apartments?

Garden apartments typically have access to a backyard patio or garden —hence their name—which makes them great for families with children or pets and folks with green thumbs. Garden apartments tend to be at ground level or just partially below grade, and are often one-bedroom units, according to StreetEasy.

Should I live in a garden apartment?

Energy efficient. Heat rises, which means you’ll stay cooler than your upstairs neighbors in the summer months. On the other hand, the low ceilings usually found in garden units will help hold on to heat in the winter. All in all, a garden apartment could help keep the cost of your electric bill down.

What is a garden style home?

A garden – style apartment refers to a type of an apartment building, and is an outdoor- style ( garden ) complex that can be one, two, or three stories in height (low rise), and typically are two or three stories. Usually have parking in front of the buildings or along the outside of the complex.

What is a garden style apartment building?

Garden style apartments are units that are usually found on the ground floor or on the street level of a low –rise apartment complex surrounded by trees, gardens, lawns, and shrubbery.

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How do you level soil?

Excavate soil from the high side of the yard and pile it in on the low side. The goal is to use the excavated soil on an adjacent area downhill to create a level terrace — this is known as the “cut-and-fill” method. Spread the excavated soil with a hard metal rake to make a smooth, level surface.

What is a mid-rise apartment?

Mid – rise buildings are defined as buildings that have between 5 to 12 floors. High- rise buildings are defined as buildings that have 13 floors or above.

What is the difference between a townhouse and an apartment?

The main difference between a townhouse and an apartment is its structural management and organization. Townhouses are free-standing and give the impression of being a traditional house. An apartment is a unit in a larger building that encompasses a community all inside the same walls.

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