Who Should You Use As A Reference For An Apartment?

Do apartments actually call references?

Calling your rental applicant’s previous landlords for a reference is standard practice in tenant screening. If your applicant rented from an apartment or property management company, it is easy enough to Google the company and call them directly.

How do you reference an apartment?

If you want someone to vouch for your character, you should list someone who knows you well enough to do so. Some of the best people to include as apartment references are family, friends, your employer, a coworker or even a former landlord who can say what kind of renter you are.

What do you write in a character reference for renting?

How to write a character reference for your tenant

  • a. A courteous introduction (e.g. “Dear ______” or “To whom it may concern”)
  • b. A statement of intent (e.g. “I am writing this letter to recommend _____ as a tenant ”)
  • c. A closing sentiment (e.g. “Kind Regards” or “Sincerely”)

How do I get a rental reference?

You can contact your real estate agent and ask for both a rental reference letter and a rental ledger. While a rental reference letter is more of a declaration from your property manager, the rental ledger will provide a clear rundown of the rent you’ve paid over a 12 month period.

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Can you fake a reference?

Fake references are illegal – if you ‘re caught. Directly lying is incredibly unethical, and if caught, you could be fired or face legal trouble. Companies rarely sue for lying, but the people you named on your reference list have every right to.

How do I fake a landlord reference?

Check out the seven tips below and get ready to play detective.

  1. #1: Call the Number Looking for a Rental.
  2. #2: Analyze the Responses about the Tenant.
  3. #3: Check Facebook and Instagram.
  4. #4: Request Verifying Details.
  5. #5: Research Tax Info.
  6. #6: Cross Reference the Phone Numbers.

What do Apartments ask references?

Screening Questions for Tenant’s Current or Past Landlords

  • What can you tell me about the tenant?
  • Did the tenant pay on time or in the right amount?
  • Did the tenant abide by the rules of the lease and any move-out rules?
  • Did the tenant take care of your home and yard?
  • Were there any complaints made against the tenant?

How do I get an apartment with no references?

If you have no references and you have cash reserves you can offer to prepay rent for a period of time. Many landlords find that appealing, and in fact, the more months you prepay, the more discount you can ask for on the rent. If you do not have cash reserves, you have to sell yourself.

Can landlord give bad reference?

Stick to the Facts. Many landlords have heard rumors that they can ‘t give tenants a bad reference. This is not true, and if there are definite, verifiable facts that pertain to a particular tenant, you have a responsibility to let other prospective landlords know.

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What to write on a rental application?

What should you write on a rental application letter? It’s quite simple: Write a few short paragraphs about who you are, what you do for a living and perhaps the reason for your move. If you’re applying as a group for a property you intend to share, briefly introduce each housemate.

What makes you a great tenant paragraph?

The most important quality of a good tenant is honesty. Honesty is so important, it gets its own section beyond the top ten. While a tenant isn’t required to share all their personal information with their landlord, they are required to pay their rent throughout the lease term.

What makes a great tenant letter?

One of the best ways to tell if an individual makes a good tenant is if they are respectful. Not only does a good tenant pay the rent and other bills on time, but they take care of maintenance issues that are their responsibility. If they respect you as a landlord, they will alert you if something needs your attention.

How do I impress a rental agent?

10 ways to impress a rental property manager

  1. be prepared.
  2. fill it in.
  3. 3. have backup ready.
  4. don’t hesitate.
  5. don’t forget anyone.
  6. give your reference a heads up.
  7. give it a year.
  8. supporting docs.

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